Sunday, May 04, 2008

Blue Storm

Storm really is magnificent. I was really hoping to show him but you cannot show dairy goats if they have horns and boy does he have them. In these pictures you cannot tell but trust me they are very wide at the base and big.
Hopefully he will throw me some good quality show goats. Im already deciding who gets to spend the month with him when hes ready.


Twinville said...

He's magnificent! I bet he'll throw some beautiful babies.

The Prairie House Primitives said...

Hi there! I really enjoy your blog! We live in Colorado and just purchased three doelings from PrairieWood! My ten year old daughter is GOAT CRAZY and plans to start showing this summer!!! I would love to add your link to my blog!


Sacredspiritranch said...

I was wondering if you still had Blue Storm? I now own his father and I'm looking for pictures of his offspring.